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Puerto Vallarta loves art, especially three-dimensional art of colossal proportions. Who wasn’t impressed the first time they encountered Neptune and those behemoth whales guarding the entrance to the Marina?

With magnificent light and the Pacific Ocean for a front yard, Puerto Vallarta is the ideal backdrop for sculpture. An array of dramatic bronzes dot the city, from the sublime – Ramiz Barquet’s "La Nostalgia," on the Malecón, to the ridiculous: what appear to be giant anthropomorphized baked potatoes studding the Icon Vallarta complex.

Whatever your opinion of the Bustamante ladder to heaven or Alejandro Colunga’s chromosomally-challenged sea creatures, no one can argue with their appeal to the masses of visitors to PV. Public art of any pedigree adds to our quality of life, and we’re lucky to have such an abundance of it here.


“Seth loves to venture where no gastronome has gone before, preparing the parts of animals that less adventurous palates might scrape into the garbage disposal– what Anthony Bourdain affectionately calls “the nasty bits.” He asks, “Have you ever tried…?” tossing out the names of organs that usually have something to do with pushing stomach contents through the digestive tract. We all shake our heads, "no.” If we’d been contestants on “Survivor," we’d have been voted out of the tribe long ago.”

“Unexpected Missionary” 2012 Fundraising Campaign for Hand of Hope, an outreach of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

2012 Fundraising Campaign for Hand of Hope outreach.

Estate Planning Print Ad, “Better Family Living” magazine.

Direct mail piece for Joyce Meyer book, “You Can Begin Again.”

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“Dreaming in Green: Guadalupe Dipp’s Los Arroyos Verdes”

Roberta Rand – SF Productions TV/Banderas News Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination.”

  • Henry David Thoreau

When you first step onto the lush grounds of the new Los Arroyos Verdes resort in Somos, just east of Bucerias, you can’t decide where to look first. Your attention is seized by lines of poetry splashed happily across a wall, flanked by two large statues of the Hindu goddess Ganesha.

Straight ahead, a contemplative area with a glider swing and pergola boasts a large wind chime collection. Gorgeous bronze nudes share space with old wheelbarrows brimming with flowers. Stenciled on walls throughout the resort is the mantra: “Reuse, Reduce, Rethink, Renew, Recycle.”

Stroll around the 35,000 meters of Los Arroyos Verdes and you’ll find your jaw dragging at the whimsy and wonders tucked around every turn. Museum-quality sculptures share space with old surfboards. The gnarled root systems of trees hang suspended like headhunters' trophies from other trees. And don’t forget that iconic 1970 Air Stream trailer shimmering in all its riveted aluminum glory on its own patch of grass (the only thing missing are pink plastic flamingos).

An intricately-tiled swimming pool creates a wide moat around a central covered patio where stone Buddhas, two massive winged horses and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces from India reside. Overlooking the pool is a tree with naked limbs finished off with leafy pom-poms reminiscent of manicured poodle tails. Multiple birdbaths hold mounds of gazing balls stacked like Christmas ornaments on steroids.

Exactly what IS this place? A botanical garden? A museum? A retreat center?

Los Arroyos Verdes is all of the above – and more. In fact, the place sprung practically full-grown from the imagination of Guadalupe Dipp, an accomplished architect and woman of means whose love of nature, design and human possibility have found expression in a sprawling plot of ranchland deliberately away from the ocean. Guadalupe purposely chose this spot for its verdant, unspoiled beauty and rural location.

“I wanted to have a place where artists, poets and others could come and find peace, rest and inspiration. Los Arroyos Verdes is a unique place for people who love nature and want to connect with their spirituality – whatever that looks like for them.”

Guadalupe wants to share the wealth – the wealth of her beautiful art, natural surroundings and life-affirming philosophy. Los Arroyos Verdes is the culmination of a dream to create a serene space where creativity can flourish and a “green” lifestyle can be practiced and celebrated…

SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook Memes to promote Los Cuatro Vientos Hotel in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

“Turning BLAH-BLAH into Content People Want to Read”

As marketers and copywriters, how do we reach people who have grown weary and wary of people trying to sell them stuff–one more layer of noise to step on their last remaining nerve?

It’s all about intention. If we always go for the low-hanging fruit of convincing people to buy our service or products, we risk adding to the noise. Of course we want people to recognize the value of what we have to offer. But our first priority…the thing that imbues our mission with true nobility of purpose, is our
desire to serve people’s needs. Rather than focus on bottom lines and “ROI,” we need to show people we sincerely want to make their lives better. To help simplify the processes and tools they use to do their work. To grease the wheels of creative expression. When we do that, the ROI will take care of itself.

One example of this is the building of websites. I am a writer and concept person. I love blending copy and design to create seamless, elegant, intuitive Web pages. But if in that process I get too enamored of my own high-falutin’ words, or a designer sacrifices functionality for pastel fonts in 8 pt. type that strain the eyes of the average reader, it’s no longer about meeting the end user’s needs. It becomes about ego and our personal agendas–in other words, adding to the noise.

So if you are a communicator–whether a digital design professional or a copywriter, think deeply about your intentions. Focus on creating psychic white space for the person consuming your product. Make choices that you know will refresh the end user rather than create more work for them. Make it all about them and you might discover a renewed sense of mission for yourself.

Print ad to promote Joyce Meyer Action Plans.

“Masterpiece” – theme for Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference, 2012, St. Louis. “Shame. Guilt. Poor self-image. Real women talk about what’s been keeping them from receiving God’s love—and the breakthroughs that are setting them free.”

Print ad campaign for Joyce Meyer Women’s Conference, St. Louis, 2012.

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“The English vocabulary is rich with nuance. Choosing the precise word to get your meaning across is not elitist or pretentious. It’s simply caring enough to say it right the first time. And being precise doesn’t mean you have to use a 50-cent word when a nickel word will do. Sometimes, writing “said” instead of “opined,” or “importance” instead of “gravitas,” will do the job just fine.”

Puerto Vallarta sunset

"Learn Español in Beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!”

Cultural immersion is considered one of the most effective ways to learn a new language. And what better environment to practice your conversational skills than a lushly decorated Mexican hacienda only steps from Puerto Vallarta’s shops, restaurants and beaches. At the Spanish Language Center you can:

• Practice Spanish in real-life situations – from social and business interactions to shopping for bargains in Mexican markets. Get beyond superficial niceties to real, meaningful communication.

• Study in air-conditioned comfort in modern classrooms with board-certified instructors trained to make your learning experience fun as well as educational.

• Choose from programs for adults, teens and children.

• Have low teacher-to-student ratio to ensure plenty of personal attention.

• Choose flexible class times to accommodate all needs and work schedules.

• Learn on new computers with wi-fi access.

• Have access to modern kitchen and bathrooms, and a rooftop garden with a breathtaking view of Banderas Bay.

• Take optional cooking classes, salsa dance classes and off-site field trips help you learn the fun aspects of Mexican culture and provide ample opportunities to practice your Español.

The Spanish Experience Center is located at República de Chile #182, in the Cinco de Diciembre neighborhood of downtown Puerto Vallarta, near the beginning of the Malecón. For more information, visit, send an email to info(at), or call (322) 223-5864.

Print Ad to promote "Intentional Living," syndicated radio program with Dr. Randy Carlson, Family Life Communications, Tucson.


“Did you know your car has two air filters? There’s one for the engine and one for the car’s cabin. When the engine’s air filter gets dirty and clogged, the engine won’t be able to suck enough air into the combustion chambers, causing the engine to run “rich,” so that gas mileage suffers. Your car’s cabin air filter can also become clogged with leaves and dirt, affecting the quality of air you breathe.”

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