Roberta Rand

  • St. Louis, Missouri

Copywriter, Visionary, Artist, Global Creative

I am a . . .

Multi-faceted creative able to work with designers, art directors and others to craft attention-getting, Seth Godin-worthy communication.

Nimble wordsmith able to convey essential information with economy, empathy and humor.

Skilled editor able to trim and organize copy so the core message pops and valuable psychic "white space" is preserved.

Editorial chameleon, able to write as an "instant expert" on any topic.

Scarily gifted shape-shifter, able to channel the voice and philosophy of a company and its leadership.

Conscientious trend spotter tuned in to evolving social and cultural paradigms.

Total blogger babe.

Voracious listener to influential thought leaders in many fields.

Experienced copy optimizer.

Intuitive interviewer (asking the questions YOU would ask).